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Your Ultimate Body Contouring Guide

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Lusting for PeeCee cheekbones, but on your body? Say hello to body contouring, magical artistry that lets you sport a longer, swan like neck, add definition to your cleavage, give your abs definition and make your arms and legs look toned.  So, unleash your inner Van Gough and look sexy and lithe without actually hitting the gym or refusing that cupcake.
Makeup Artist ShaanMu says you can use a matte bronzer like NYX Professional Makeup Matte Body Bronzer or shimmery one like L.A. Colors Shimmer Bronzer much like a self-tanner to create lines and muscle definition on your body. “Work on the parts of your body that you want to show off—no point defining arms if you’re wearing a long sleeve dress. Stand under an overhead light to see where the natural shadows exist on your body.”  

Here’s how to body contouring is done: 

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Slimmer Neck ASAP

An elegant neck is all the rage. Start by highlighting the center of the neck in vertical upward and inward strokes. Then contour the outer area in a shade darker than your skin tone.  This technique works both on the front and the back of the neck to show off that messy updo or stunning neck piece to perfection. Just make sure to bend your handwork well.

Fake Buff Arms

Hold one arm out and flex your muscles. Paint a water-proof matte bronzer all along the underside of your arm (from elbow to armpit) and blend well with a foundation brush.  The matte formula absorbs light and makes the area look smaller. A shimmer highlighter makes an area look bigger, so if you really want your biceps and shoulder muscles to look more defined, add shimmer on the hollow between your biceps and triceps all the way to your shoulders. Toned arms in a flash!
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Collarbones Here I Come!

Yes, collarbone contouring is a thing. Start by applying a light layer of a luminous, hydrating BB cream all over your neck and collar bones. Now find a face highlighter one shade lighter than your skin and apply on top of the collarbone and around the hollow in your neck so that it's popping up a little bit. Run parallel lines of bronzer and blend it all in.

Slimmer, Toned Legs

Less than lengthy (slim) limbs and a slit dress crying out your name? What you need are strategic layers of bronzer and highlighter. Start by exfoliating dry skin and then applying moisturizer to get glowy, smooth skin. Then apply bronzer to the contours of the leg — the center of the thighs, down the shins, and around the calf muscle to sculpt. Dot a small amount of shimmer down the shin, around the contour of the calf muscle, and at the center of the thigh. Your legs will immediately look smooth, hydrated, longer, leaner and toned. Word of warning: this faux glow can rub off on clothes.
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Abs To Die For

Start by drawing a diamond-grid on your stomach in a medium-brown, yellow-toned concealer from the Freedom Pro HD Conceal Kit - Medium Dark palette. Then began to fill in the central 'abs' using a yellow toned concealer. Use a highlighting white shade to the outer and lower areas of the abs, much like you use to sculpt your face. Blend the highlighting colours into the darker shades to create a light and shadow effect. Finally use a setting spray to set and the start blending it all till your ‘muscles’ become visible. Finished look: Like you’ve been doing sit-ups for years!

Killer Cleavage

No more stuffing cotton wool into bras or wearing un-comfy push-ups for that killer cleavage. All you have to do is use some strategically placed light and dark makeup to create a shadowing effect that looks exactly like a faux cleavage. Remember not to exaggerate anything, just look for the natural crease and contour it to make it more visible. Your boyfriend can thank us later!
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