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Have you ever wondered what lies in the mythical ‘fountain of youth’? Do magical elixirs really make you look flawless forever? Sure, aging gracefully is a tall order, one that frankly rarely comes true. Or not.

Even as you turn 30, your skin’s repair mechanism starts to weaken. You see the earliest signs of aging, texture that isn’t as smooth and luminous as it once was. Then comes the fine lines, dark spots and dryness… basically everything you dreaded thus far.

Don’t fret. L’Occitane has good news in store for you. It has crafted two perfect concoctions: the Immortelle Reset Serum and the Divine Youth Oil. Together, they’re as effective as sipping straight from the fountain of youth itself. Imagine resetting your skin overnight to reverse the impact of stress and exhaustion with just a ‘dab’ of your fingers. Unimaginable, right? Wrong.

The Immortelle Reset Serum allows your skin to awaken and re-energize. It switches on your skin’s repair mechanism and nourishes it. And while this rejuvenation button is ‘on’, the Divine Youth Oil helps activate all the anti-aging functions of your skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles up to 63%, for smoother, younger and spotless looking skin.

How you may ask? Here’s five ways to use these two miracle products together. Sure, you can apply them separately as well. But together the power duo is unstoppable. Get scrolling.

#1 The Direct Route

Use the products directly on your skin, as part of your daily regimen. This will allow your skin to soak in the benefits of these rejuvenating products. Every night before you go to bed, take 10 minutes to care for your skin.

  • First, clean you face and neck properly with a mild face wash leaving no trace of makeup or dirt or pollution. You can use the L'Occitane Reine Blanche Illuminating Foaming Cleanser to do this.
  • Then, apply the L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Serum on your face and neck. Wait for the serum to completely dry off.
  • Next, dab the L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil on your face and neck. You will feel the elixirs seeping into your skin.
  • Wake up to a healed, restored and youthful skin.

#2 The Moisturizing Route

Experts say that serums and facial oils aid the work of moisturizers. Simply out, moisturizers affect the top layer of your skin (epidermis), while serums and oils penetrate deeper layers (dermis). So, blend ‘em up to nourish each layer of your skin.

  • Add two drops of the L'Occitane Immortelle Reset Serum and the Divine Youth Oil in your night cream and mix well before applying.
  • You can also layer the serum and face oil with your moisturizer. For optimal results, do it with L'Occitane Reine Blanche Illuminating Lotion. The cream-base of the
  • You could infuse them in your daily sunscreen before you step out. Just a few drops should do it.

#3 The Makeup Route

Now, if our makeup products don’t have the backing of skincare properties, we’re not interested. You’re still stuck in a catch-22 when you still love your makeup. That’s where these two heroes come in. Just blend and go!

  • You can use the Immortelle Reset Serum and Divine Youth Oil as a primer to prep your face for makeup. Squeeze out two little drops of each in your palm and massage onto your skin until completely seeped in. Your face gets soft, healthy and ready for your makeup.
  • You can also mix them up with your BB or CC cream before putting on eye, cheek and lip makeup. This will ensure your skin’s natural radiance and you won’t need to put on too many layers.
  • What’s even better is to blend the two in your highlighter or even work it like one in fact. Dab them on the high points of your face and use a beauty blender to absorb excess oil.
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#4 The Weekly Facial Route

Optimize your products to the utmost by layering them right. Moreover, you could even spoil yourself in its riches with a weekly facial. Separately, they treat and tackle different skin concerns. When mixed in your face packs or sheet masks, they work overtime to achieve that flawlessness.

  • Clean and exfoliate your face, with L'Occitane Divine Cleansing Foam and L'Occitane Verbena Refreshing Exfoliating Pulp. Next, steam your face to hydrate skin and let the heat expel any remaining impurities.
  • Use a nourishing face mask like L'Occitane EN Provence Olivier Nourishing Mask before applying two drops of L’Occitane’s Immortelle Reset Serum on your face and neck. It will enliven, energize and restore your skin.
  • Once it dries, dab some Divine Youth Oil to banish all signs of aging and smoothen and tighten your skin.
  • Wait for about 7-8 minutes to soak in the goodness of every step. Then use your regular moisturizer to lock in the previous elixirs all the while nourishing and hydrating the outer and inner layers of your skin.

#5 The Multivitamin Route

The Divine Youth Oil is enriched with Rosehip oil, rich in Vitamin A, while the Immortelle Reset Serum is loaded with Sunflower seed oil that’s rich in minerals and nutrients. But shall you like to supercharge to this duo, the trick is to add liquid Vitamin E to them. Vitamin E will enhance the effectiveness of both liquids and stimulate the regeneration of fresh cells in your skin.

  • Squeeze out liquid vitamin E from a softgel capsule and add a drop of the Immortelle Reset Serum and the Divine Youth Oil before apply directly to your face.
  • Or wash your face with liquid vitamin E mixed in lukewarm water and then apply the serum and oil, fused together.
  • Apply the Immortelle Reset Serum and wait for it to dry off. Add the Divine Face Oil to some fresh Aloe Vera and liquid vitamin E to make a face mask. Apply generously and wash off after 20 minutes.
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