BelleWave WhiteWave Soft Exfoliating Emulsion(100ml)

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Product Description
  • Exfoliate to reveal the beautiful you! Soft Exfoliating Emulsion gently removes the impurities and dead skin cells while moisturizing your skin. It improves skin's texture by making it firm and age signs free.

    • This scrub is for all skin type Sloughs Off Dead Skin Cells & Impurities Without Harming Skin.
    • This product is exceptionally good for retaining moisture in the very dry skin.
    • Evens Out Fine Wrinkles & Improves Texture & Firmness.

    Key Ingredients :

    • Lactic Acid : Removes dead skin cell
    • Sodium Hyaluronate : Moisturizes and increase skin firmness

    Additional Information : BelleWave paves its way to skin perfection through a single-minded approach: precision. BelleWave harnesses the very precise nature of Swiss work culture and pinpoint accuracy of the latest technology to push the frontiers of cellular rejuvenation. Revolutionary breakthroughs are translated into formulations that use safe and effective botanical ingredients to deliver lasting results.

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