Stuck in a hair rut? How your hairstyle turns out depends on what you’re using to wash your mane. Finding the right shampoo-conditioner for your hair type is the first step to beautiful hair. Nykaa’s Shampoo Masterclass will help you find the right formula to suds up.
You’re lucky to have low maintenance strands. Look for a sulfate-free formula ‘suitable for all hair types’ that nourishes, smoothens and detangles without stripping natural oils and moisture from strands.
Dry, brittle strands need a rich, creamy moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combo to restore bounce and gloss. Must-have ingredients include nourishing creams, oils and proteins.
Gals and guys with oily hair need a shampoo that cleanses oils from strands, tones the scalp and prevents clogged follicles. Look for formulations with higher levels of astringent, and thickening ingredients like Panthenol or Wheat Protein.
You needs a shampoo that restores bounciness minus the frizz. Look for nourishing, low-foaming, Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners with added Silicones and Proteins to restore moisture to strands.
Coarse hair needs frequent shampooing. Use super hydrating, creamy shampoos infused with Coconut, Olive or Shea Butter; and extra moisturizing conditioners that coat hair cuticles to trap moisture for extra softness.
A full, voluminous head of hair is just a lather-rinse-repeat away. You need a formula that thickens strands but isn’t so creamy that it weighs hair down. Gentle shampoos marked for volume and daily or frequent washing are your best bets.
Chemically treated hair needs extra loving! Pick a shampoo that preserves the luminosity of strands, sun protects and prevents the color from fading. Also choose conditioners infused with UV filters that prevent color from fading.