Beverly Hills Polo Club Men's Deodorant And Shower Gel No.2 Gift Set(375 ml)

Product Description
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club introduces Gift Set No.2 for Men. Developed to satisfy men's everyday hygiene needs.

    This kit contains a deodorant and a shower gel.

    Deodorant :

    • Get rid of that unwanted body odor with BHPC deodorant for men.
    • This deodorant spray effectively eliminates the odor causing bacteria and leaves your skin with a pleasant scent.
    • The masculine fragrance stays on your skin till the end of the day.
    • Just a single whiff of this deodorant is enough for you to stay fresh for long time.
    • An intense and sensual fragrance rejuvenates you from within.
    • Quantity 175 ml.

    Shower Gel :

    • Forget the old soap bar and switch to Beverly Hills Polo Club Shower Gel.
    • Formulated to provide effective cleansing to your skin this shower gel does the job with perfection.
    • Say goodbye to skin impurities and welcome a refreshed, clean and smooth skin.
    • This shower gel does not leave your skin dry after cleansing.
    • You emerge out of shower fragrant, refreshed and energized.
    • Quantity 200 ml.

    Win your hygiene game with Beverly Hills Polo Club Gift Set No.2 for Men.

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