Braun Satin Hair 7 ST750 ES3 Hair Straightener

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    ?Colour Saver Technology: Prevents coloured hair from excess dry out for longer lasting vibrant colour.
    ?IONTEC Technology: Superior ionic performance to tame frizz for healthy smoothness and shine.
    ?Moisture level balance: Active ions restore the moisture balance of your hair.
    ?Nanoglide ceramic floating plates: Distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage.
    ?Anti-static styling: Superior ionic performance tames frizz and static for instant smoothness.

    Product Description

    Satin Hair 7 Colour Saver straightener ? Superior straightening to protect your coloured hair

    Perfectly suited to match the special needs of coloured hair. It protects your delicate, coloured hair from drying out while preventing colour fade by up to 70%*. You can set its special heat adjuster according to whether your hair is fine, normal or thick, while its flexible plate minimises too much pressure. The result? Beautiful, sleek styles, with minimal colour fade. Activate your style ? Ultimate shine, maximum protection.*Colour saver technology with IONTEC at medium setting compared to the highest setting of a 230?C hair straightener

    Colour Saver Technology

    Unique technology that ensures the heat is distributed evenly and never gets excessive. It reduces colour fading during styling by 70%*, delivering significantly more colour shine.

    Product key features

    1. IONTEC TechnologyUnique technology protects the health of your hair for touchable smoothness and shine. Millions of active ions restore the moisture balance of your hair and instantly tame frizz and fight static.
    2. NanoGlide ceramic platesExtra smooth surface structure glides 3x smoother vs. conventional ceramic plates to maintain the health of the cuticula.
    3. Patented floating platesEnsures easy gliding with less tension to minimize friction and stress to prevent hair breakage.
    4. Slim platesSpecially designed for precise straightening from root to tip in one stroke.
    5. Accurate Heat ControlIt operates with temperatures that are proven to protect the health of your hair (130?C to 200?C) in 5?C temperature stages.

    Other features

    ?Slim plates
    ?Heat-up time: 40 seconds
    ?Cable: 2m
    ?Temperature range: 130?C-200?C
    ?Memory function
    ??C max function / boost button
    ?Cool touch
    ?Auto shut off

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: What effect does Colour Saver technology have on hair?
    A: With the Colour Saver Technology, styling of coloured hair is now gentle and enables coloured hair to keep its colour brilliance for longer, keeping it manageable, and healthy looking. The Colour Saver technology, the tailored temperature control and a range of further design features ensure that coloured hair if styled gently and optimised for each hair type. The coloured hair is protected from excessive heat and its surface is kept in good condition allowing each individual hair to look and feel best.
    Q: How is Satin Hair Colour Saver straightener different?
    A: Satin Hair Colour Saver straightener is designed to incorporate Braun's Colour Saver technology, consisting of a multitude of features that help to protect hair colour and ensure best styling results. These key features are the tailored temperature control that ensures the optimal temperature for each hair type to achieve best styling results and best protection for hair, and the active ions that help to optimise the surface condition of the hair, help to keep hair moisturised and reduce frizz and flyaways. These help to deliver the best results for coloured hair.
    Q: Why are active ions important in hair care?
    A: Hair has its own surface charged that leads individual hair strands to repel each other ? a phenomenon we know as static or flyaway.Once ions start to interact with the individual hair strands, they enable any fly away or unruly ones to sit next to each other again without pushing each other apart ? no sticking out! The result ? significantly boosted shine and restored smoothness whilst diminishing static and frizz.

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Braun Satin Hair 7 ST750 ES3 Hair Straightener
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