Brut Original Deodorant Spray for Men

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Product Description
  • Powerful and Persuasive :

    Just like his demeanor, the fragrance is intense on the senses to keep him company everywhere and also persuasive so the senses around him always surrender to fall in love with the signature of Brut.

    Distinctive Masculine Fragrance :

    Brut has always been known for advertising that distinctive masculine appeal and now you can enjoy it too. Join the rich and smart as Brut promises attention wherever you are to carry out the plan you have for success.

    Bacteria-Fighting Deodorant :

    The deo spray not only brings you the signature scent of a man but also fights the existence of bacteria that can lead to infection or even body odor, so you only smell great all the time with no side effects.

    Refreshes and Quickly Covers Body Odor :

    Body odor is a natural factor that sometimes cannot be controlled but Brut Original will cover up any signs of body odor to keep that fresh and intense scent active throughout the hours of a day.

    Product Features :

    • Refreshes and Quickly Covers Body Odour

    • Powerful and Persuasive

    • Distinctive Masculine Fragrance

    • Bacteria-fighting Deodorant
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