Casmara Balance Cleanser

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  • Purifying your skin on a daily basis is an essential and fundamental part of facial care, which allows your skin to adequately absorb the cosmetic products applied thereafter. Casmara has opted for a new formula of facial cleansers with multi-functional effects, combining three products (cleanser, toner and makeup remover) into one. Fast and easy!

    Casmara Balancing Cleanser is an emollient facial cleanser based on goji berries (Lycium barbarum). Given the countless properties inherent in goji berries their use goes back thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to recover vital energy. It is for this very reason that it is known as the berry of longevity. It is a preventative treatment for those signs related to the ageing process and reinforces the skin’s natural defenses.


    • Emollient and balancing cleanser that helps remove dead cells, excess oil and any residue left by the environment that accumulates on your skin throughout the day, thus allowing your skin to regenerate and oxygenate properly.
    • 3 in 1 multi-purpose: Cleanser, toner and make-up remover, in just one step. Including the eye contour.
    • Clean and toned skin. Protected against external agents.
    • Suitable for all skin types.
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