Clean & Dry Cream(15gm)

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  • Clean and Dry Cream is an FDA approved cream. The first of the Clean and Dry products, launched in 2011, it paved the path for intimate feminine hygiene products in India. Doctor recommended, it provides gentle and effective relief from burning, itching, irritation and other vaginal infections. It also fights Vaginitis. Regular application can cure Vaginitis in a week to ten days.

    Clean and Dry Intimate Cream is the No.1 product in the Clean and Dry range - trusted by over 5.5 million women across India.

    • It is gentle and is packed with the amazing healing powers of clotrimazol, which when applied to the affected area instantly starts the healing process.
    • Ordinary soap can cause more damage and can further harm the area due to its harsh contents.
    • Helpful healing relief and care in case of vaginitis and other symptoms of fungal infections.

    Do not ignore a vaginal infection: Intimate infections and their symptoms like itching, rashes, burning, white discharge should not be ignored or treated with harsh soap. This could lead to several issues and may in some extreme cases could cause infertility or cervical cancer.

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