Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste Pack of 2(Save Rs.17)(240gm)

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  • Hello sparkly teeth! Colgate Total Advanced Health protects 100% of your Mouth Surfaces. Its Unique Formula bonds with Teeth, Gums, cheek and Tongue and protects 100% of your mouth. It Provides protection against 12 Oral Problems for 12 hours. Start your day fresh and healthy!

    • Removes over 99% germs allowing to achieve 24X7 bad breath protection.
    • Has a refreshing taste, leaving you smelling great all day long.
    • Created to give you a fabulous and fresh experience.

    Additional Information:The Colgate-Palmolive Company is your ultimate health and beauty destination. This revolutionary brand is loved by millions all over the world, allowing people to live healthier and comfortable lives. This well reputed company caters to all types of audiences due to its affordable pricing and fabulous loyalty towards producing great results. Here's to great health!

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