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Forget strobing, contouring and nontouring. There’s a new trend in town. Enter Color Correctors that put old school concealers in the shade. It’s time for an art lesson ladies! Your face is the canvas and your corrector, the new benefactor that can hide a multitude of skin sins, from under-eye circles and pigmentation to redness and old acne scars. Bin that trusty—but ineffective—concealer that only ends up emphasising your imperfections.  

What Is Color-Correcting?

For starters, look at the color wheel. To cancel out a color, you’ll need the color directly opposite it on the color wheel. So, red discoloration needs green to cancel it out, blue discoloration needs peach/orange and sallow skin needs a purple skin savior.
Celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni explains the technique. “Color-correcting involves using color tones to neutralize problem areas on the face by taking cues from the color wheel so that the skin looks more even toned.” Look around, there’s no dearth of color correctors in the market, with every brand from L.A. Girl and Makeup Revolution to NYX Professional Makeup and Australis launching products designed to target (and cover up) blemishes with shades in greens, purples, pinks, peaches and yellows.
Did you know green hues from L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD (Orange, Green & Yellow Corrector) neutralize redness caused by rosacea, acne, broken capillaries and sunburn? Meanwhile, peach and orange shades from the Makeup Revolution Camouflage Corrector Palette target blue and purple-tinted under-eye dark circles, while the pink shade from the Makeup Revolution Camouflage Corrector Palette brightens and highlights the eye area to make you look wide-awake and bushy tailed after a (very) late night out. Pinks work marvellously to brighten areas like the area around the lips, smile lines and under the brow bone. Finally, yellow correctors from Ferrarucci Concealer Corrector And Contour Color Palette – 1 targets purple and brown blemishes caused by pigmentation, bruising and dark spots. “Yellow is also great for concealing sun spots and freckles on the cheeks and forehead, says Namrata.

How to color correct like a pro?

Apply a thin layer of the color corrector using the pad of your ring finger. The thinner the layer the better … you can always add more if required. Only apply the corrector in the area of discoloration. Applying it elsewhere will cause an uneven tone to the rest of your face. Next apply light layers of concealer on the problem areas, again patting with your ring finger, taking care not to smear or tug at the corrector underneath. Finally, set the whole area with powder for staying power!
When the areas of discoloration are more widespread, it’s better to opt for a different formulation. This is recommended if you have all-over redness. The green color corrector from L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD (Warm Honey, Nude & Green Corrector) works like a charm on all over redness. Top it up with nude corrector from the same product and you’re set!
Now get ready to unleash your inner artist and color up a storm!