Corioliss Professional Finishing Brush Small

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    Corioliss Original is the brilliant hallmark range of classic cushioned brushes designed for professional and everyday consumer styling, setting, brushing, combing with all precision and comfort. Corioliss Original brushes have - 100% genuine super fine nylon bristles. Bristles mounted in a fountain arrangement. Rubberized cushion base. Moisture-resistant cushion. Hair products resistant cushion. Premium lacquer finish body. Super light in weight, handbag fit. Fine Nylon Bristles of the Corioliss Original gently massage and stimulate the scalp increasing blood circulation. This triggers the production of Sebum a natural conditioning oil, which helps to increase strength & vitality of the hair. It gives your hair a gorgeous healthy shine.

    The Corioliss Original brush is designed and constructed to give you unmatched satisfaction of combing and setting which only a few brushes can. The Flexible Rubber Cushion gives the brush greater movement whilst brushing allowing the bristles to glide over the contours of your scalp. Super fine bristles mounted in a fountain construction clean the strands of the hair with every pass and also prevent damage and tearing of the cuticle. The Premium lacquer finish-like Body and Handle moulds to the hand, ergonomically designed for extra comfort and grip.

    Product Features :
    • Pure Nylon Bristles. Cellulose Acetate Body
    • 100% Nylon Bristles
    • 100% Anti-static body
    • Oval Paddle for Great Finishing Comfort
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Corioliss Professional Finishing Brush Small