Coriolissimo 2500 Watts Professional Black Hair Dryer

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    If your hairdresser leaves you wondering about her speed and skills, the secret is actually in her tools. Come Coriolissimo and you have 2500 Watts of Made in Italy rigorous drying power in your hands.

    Consumer hair dryers work on a DC motor, which is not as powerful and as robust as an AC motor. An AC motor is extremely sturdy, powerful, and long-lasting. That is why professional dryers work on AC motors only. The integrated ion-generator leaves your hair healthy and shiny after every blow-dry.

    Along with a super powerful 2500W professional lightweight AC motor, Coriolissimo features an integrated ionic generator for super-fast drying giving you gorgeous silky hair that looks and feel so healthy that it shines. The ion-generator also reduces frizz and fly-away hair giving you well-settled and stable blow-drying results every time. It protects your hair from the damage caused by excessive heat. Coriolissimo comes with two-speed, three-temperature settings.

    With a combination of temperature and speed settings you can get 6 styling combinations. With real professional cool shot you can effortlessly set and settle the hair style after your blow-dry. Unlike consumer dryers that keep throwing warm air even after the cool-shot button is pressed.

    Unlike conventional professional dryers the Coriolissimo has a switch to go and Single Button Control feature which means you can switch the dryer ON with even the temperature control button or the speed control button and it is ready to go. With the Single Button Control, you can effortlessly style very very easily and quickly by keeping the temperature control button and the speed control button in the top position and just use the cool shot button to control the heat and speed.

    Inspite of all the super-powerful professional features, the Coriolissimo is packed in an ergonomic compact glossy midnight black body, which is extremely easy to hold, use, maneuver and style as you wish. Special fiber-plastic concentrator nozzles allow you to get that quick, concentrated, and rigorous air blasts. The 2.8-meter professional grade power-cord gives you all the flexibility you need at home any day, anytime.

    With a special removable and washable rear-filter, Coriolissimo is extremely easy on maintenance and upkeep. For best results always clear and clean the rear-filter regularly. Do not wrap the power cord on the dryer and take care of it like your favorite toy and it will last you a lifetime.

    Coriolissimo is bound to make you fall in love with blow-drying all the way. Go ahead. Go the Coriolissimo way!

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