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Question 1
Wash your face, pat it dry Select how your skin feels?
A) Dry & Tight
Flaky & rough skin, needs deep moisture to feel soft
B) Greasy & Shiny All Over
Excess oil buildup leads to clogging of pores and frequent breakouts
C) Dry Cheeks & Shiny T-Zone (Forehead, Nose)
Greasy T-zone & dry patches on the cheek
Question 2
What's your top skin concern? Select One
A) Pimples, Acne, Blemishes
Tiny red bumps appear when pores get clogged
B) Excess Oil
Overproduction of oil leads to greasiness
C) Dryness & Flakes
Lack of hydration makes skin rough & flaky
D) Uneven Skin Tone
Sun exposure leads to pigmentation, uneven skin tone and tanning
E) Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Lines and creases appear when skin becomes loose
Your skin type is ...
Your skin deserves only the best
Click on each of the CSMS steps for your perfect routine
Step1. Cleanser
Washes away impurities & refreshes the skin
Step2. Serum
Targets skin concerns with active ingredients
Step3. Moisturiser
Hydrates and protects from dryness
Step4. Sunscreen
Protects the skin from UV Rays
Frequently Asked Questions
Have more questions about I-Beauty? Let our experts answer.
Q) Why do Indians need a set routine? Are all 4 steps really necessary?

A) We, as Indians, have skin types with unique needs as we are very prone to develop dark spots and we are exposed to more dust and pollution than in the western world. Yes, all 4 steps are necessary to maintain healthy skin.- Dr. Aanchal Panth

Q) Will this routine help with specific concerns like acne, pigmentation, dark circles etc?

A) Yes, it will, we need to tweak the second step, which is the serum according to the concern we are addressing—such as salicylic acid for acne, kojic acid for dark spots and vitamin K for dark circles. - Dr. Aanchal Panth

Q) Is this routine safe for all skin types? Will it work for sensitive skin?

A) Yes, the basic routine is the same for all skin types. We will have to customise each step according to skin type and concern when choosing products. - Dr. Aanchal Panth

Q) How long will this routine take time to reflect on the skin? Will this routine work long-term?

A) It takes 4-6 weeks to notice a change in the skin though slight improvement may be seen as early as 2 weeks.

Yes, this will work long-term. Every few years, you may have to change the ingredients according to requirements but the basic steps will remain the same. - Dr. Aanchal Panth

Q) What ages does this routine work for?

A) Age is no bar to a good skincare routine, prevention is key, this routine can be followed and adapted by any age group. Even someone as young as 16 - 18 years of age can adopt this skin care plan. - Dr. Malavika Kohli

Q) Can we skip a step if we have products that are multi-functional?

A) Yes, one product can be multifunctional provided it offers the right percentage concentration of the ingredients to bring about the desired effect on the skin. Certain ingredients do have a synergistic effect and enhance each other so as long as they are in the right concentration and a suitable base, it’s safe. - Dr. Malavika Kohli

Q) Is this order necessary to follow?

A) Maintaining the order is crucial. However you could go for sunscreen with moisturising benefits provided the SPF is 30+ - Dr. Malavika Kohli

Q) Can we customise the steps as per our concerns?

A) Yes, your skincare routine can be personalised for special needs like pigmentation or acne, dryness or dullness. It can also be customised for weather and climatic conditions where you live or work. Do use the routine finder @I beauty to help you navigate your needs and choose products and a skincare regimen. - Dr. Malavika Kohli