Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive Eau De Toilette Spray For Women

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Product Description
  • The night calls to her, filled the silent promises. Drowning in her embrace, he succumbs to the power of her scent, Davidoff Cool Water Woman Night Dive.

    Top Note : Sparkling freshness with mandarin and ginger.

    Heart Note : Feminine and aquatic floral bouquet with hyacinthe and jasmine.

    Base Note : Attraction of patchouli, cedar wood and amber.

    Ten Point Guide to Check Your Perfume is Genuine :

    • The Price : If it’s too cheap or hugely discounted, there’s a high probability it’s a fake.

    • The Place : Buy your favorite perfume only from authorized and licensed retailers who clearly state this.

    • The Serial Number : Look for control numbers, batch number or the serial number. The serial number should match on the bottle and box.

    • Quality of Package : Note its thickness, clarity and overall quality. Brittle or cloudy cellophane is a red flag.

    • Spellings : An ‘authentic’ designer perfume box with a spelling mistake or print error is clearly a fake.

    • Color : Genuine fragrances are never murky or cloudy. If there are sediments or particles in the bottle, it’s a fake.

    • Container : Examine the quality of the fragrance bottle. Check for thickness, clarity, scratches, air bubbles or discoloration.

    • Texture : Feel the fragrance between your fingers for excessive oiliness, a common sign of a fake perfume.

    • Smell : Counterfeit fragrances are often made improperly. Normally, when perfume is attached to alcohol, it is placed in cans for few days to settle. Fakes often skip this step, so the composition is messy, flat and unpleasant.

    MRP: 4900

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