Delon Macadamia Oil Shampoo(354ml)

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  • Flaunt it like you own it ladies! There's literally like nothing having the perfect hair day. Well, you better thank your lucky stars because we just found the right pick for you. Enjoy your baths and feel great with this fabulous release by Delon. Macadamia oil is one nature's true wonders!. Delon's Macadamia shampoo contains Macadamia oil, expressed from the nut of Macadamia. Feel the immediate results and enjoy silky, soft healthy looking hair that is simply gorgeous!. Gorgeous hair anyone?

    • Protects and deeply moisturizes hair for a healthy smooth finish.
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • Created to give you an authentic beauty experience.

    Additional Information: Delon provides innovative products and solutions to our dedicated beauty customers with the best they deserve. Holding a 64-year legacy of health and beauty expertise with a range of products that address personal care needs from the inside out, Delon brings you the highest level of integrity and value that cater to all things beauty.

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