Elite Models (France) Small Nail Clipper Cutter With Chain

Product Description
  • Elite Models Small Nail Clipper with chain has 2 sizes for the nail clippers: small size for manicure and the bigger size is for the pedicure. The integrated file can finalize the manicure nails by leveling the nails after the cutting. Cutting the nails after a shower is recommended as the nails are softer so it prevents them from breaking.

    • Gives clean and precise cut.
    • Has an included file to level the nails after cutting.
    • Ideal for shaping your nails efficiently.

    Additional Information: Make beauty affordable! Elite Models Accessories was launched with the purpose of making beauty affordable for every woman. Inspired by the modelling world, over 300 different, highly professional products accompany women every day in their beauty routine: wellness, manicure, pedicure, makeup, hairstyle etc. With the help of makeup artists and hairstylists, the brand creates products that are inspired by their expertise and respond to your needs.

    MRP: 299

    Expiry Date: 15th January 2022

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