Ellement Co. Just-A-Minute Gel Nail Polish Kit - Bonfire Night

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  • Ellement Co. signature product- an all in one nail gel kit is an essential for every woman.


    • Perfect for a nail-lover
    • Gel manicure in the comfort of your home or anywhere you are within just 20 minutes
    • Portable, user-friendly. USB cable allows you to indulge in a Mani-Pedi, Anywhere you are with a power bank, Laptop, Car charger or any USB friendly port
    • Comes in a beautiful pouch

    The Kit contains:

    • J.A.M Gel Nail Colour x 2: Paint your nails with plush, pigment-rich colour from Ellement Co.'s range of fun, chic and fresh shades of Just-A-Minute Gel, a highly glossy gel colour that glides right on, dries in 60 second under an LED lamp and stays in place for up to 3 weeks with no chipping, damage to your nail beds or yellowing.
    • Ell.E.D Express Nail Lamp 9W for Personal Use x 1: The energy efficient and conveniently sized ELLE-E.D. Express Nail Lamp requires a minimal 9W to dry our J.A.M. Gel Nail Lacquer at home and has a USB cable so you can have perfect nails on the go!
    • Back-to-Bare Gel Nail Remover x 1: The Back-to-Bare Gel Remover helps remove gel nail lacquers with ease, without damaging the nail bed.
    • Cuticle Remover x 1: The Cuticle Remover is a simple, quick and effective treatment softens and hydrates, making cuticles easy to push back, giving you flawless results instantly.
    • Japanese Red Sand Nail File x 1: The Japanese Red Sand File is designed to gently file your nails before application on the side with the logo, and sand down before putting on the remover wrap.
    • Roll-me-on cuticle oil x 1: The Roll-Me-On cuticle oil nourishes your nails and seals the gel nail with a healthy kiss.
    • Pouch x 1

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    Expiry Date: 15th December 2019

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Ellement Co. Just-A-Minute Gel Nail Polish Kit - Bonfire Night
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