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Dear Darling Water Gel Tint
Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk
Play Color Eyes
Play 101 Stick Contour Duo
about the brand

Welcome to Etude House!

ETUDE is Global Make-Up Brand which spreads the fun makeup play culture.

As the first-ever domestic makeup brand, Etude provides every woman with an experience to discover and develop their own beauty. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy: “Every woman was born a dignified and beautiful being that deserves to be loved”, we have created Etude House where everyone can enjoy the culture of "Makeup Play".

The name ETUDE means "To study or to practice" in French and was inspired by the name of the beautiful 19th-century piano score by Chopin. Like a song for practice that eventually turns into an artistic melody, we at Etude also want our customers to find makeup to be an enjoyable play and discover their unique beauty. We are expanding our "Makeup Play culture" to enable this experience.

With extensive color palettes, the quality you can trust, adorable design and affordable prices, we are being loved as the No. 1 K-beauty makeup brand, leading the trend not only in Korea but Globally.