Ever Macho Always On Climax(100ml)

Product Description
  • Ever Macho penis enlargement lotion Get Ever Macho and change your life. Presenting men’s penis enhancing and enlargement lotion with no side-effects. Ever Macho penis enlargement lotion increases aggression as well as psychological and relationship outcomes associated with erectile dysfunction. This lotion increases penis size to inches within a few months and you will be amazed to find that it really works.

    Due to presence of natural ingredients there are no side effects. Hormonal changes and blood vessel damage can be serious or even fatal. Hope combination of powerful male enhancement supplements that help relax blood vessels and have an erection that this was caused by herbal penis enlargement lotion a medical. Ever Macho lotion ensures the best penis enlargement lotion that helps not only endocrine glands promote natural production of testosterone but also keeps your weight under control.


    • Noted to have sex enhancing properties.
    • Improves the circulation of blood better erection.
    • Anti-Oxidant, Anti Inflammatory and Antimicrobial actions.
    • 100% safe, Easy and Powerful.
    • No painful injections, no drugs and no side effects.
    • All natural, with no harmful ingredients.
    • Non-sticky and Non-greasy.
    • Increases penis size
    • Provides powerful erection
    • Increases sexual satisfaction
    • Pleasure for both man and the partner
    • Gives results in 15 days

    Useful in:

    • Low penis hardness.
    • Small size penis.
    • Lack of sex pressure.
    • Treating premature ejaculation.
    • Poor erection.

    How to Use Penis Enhancement lotion:

    Penis enhancement creams are topical formulations. This means that they are basically meant to be applied on the superficial part of the skin. So, you should not swallow them. Apply some to your penis and then smoothly rub and massage it on your manhood for quicker absorption. The ingredients in the cream will widen the blood vessels for improved blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow to the penis will help you obtain stronger erections. It will also help to increase the size of your penis. Based on instructions and guidelines, you have to use this lotion for minutes but hours before sexual intercourse.

    How to apply:

    • Clean your penis properly
    • Apply Ever Macho Penis enhancing and enlargement lotion on the surface of the penis. Use 5ml each time, then massage for 10 minutes. Wait another 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, so the penis fully absorbs the nutrients.
    • Massage 2-3 minutes with stretching exercise
    • Massage till the lotion in completely absorbed.

    The best times for use this cream are:

    • First thing in the morning.
    • Right before going to sleep at night.

    Duration of treatment: 6-12 weeks For External Use Only.

    Warning: Do not use if your partner is allergic to anaesthetics, or on broken or inflamed skin, your sexual partner is pregnant.

    Additional Information: Sava India Personal Care is a young and dynamic company focusing on health and well being of people. The company is born out of passion to create unique products and solutions for the evolving needs and desires of modern consumers. Their products are formulated using natural ingredients, based upon the ancient concept of Ayurveda with main constituents being herbs, leaves, seeds, mineral oils, metals etc. Their products are free from side effects and all products are thoroughly tested. The company currently offers three brands: 'Daisy Dales', 'Eviction' and 'Ever Macho', all of them known for their effective results. Some of their unique products heal problems like small penis, small breast size, excess hair on face and body and various products that help in maintaining intimate hygiene.

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    MRP: 999

    Expiry Date: 15th July 2020

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Ever Macho Always On Climax