Ever Macho Musli Gold Cap(30 Capsules)

Product Description
  • No one wants an incomplete experience on their first night. If your performance is not satisfactory on the first night itself, it can further endanger your relationship. ‘Ever Macho Musli Gold DS’ works as a catalyst and ignites the passion and romance in your life – making your first night experience the best. Haven’t you heard – ‘First Impression is Last Impression’.

    How does it work?

    Consumption of ‘Ever Macho Musli Gold DS’ not only boosts your sex power but also helps in long-time erection by increasing blood flow. This also boosts your sexual stamina, increases your intercourse time providing enhanced pleasure, hence, boosting your sexual performance. ‘Ever Macho Shilajit Gold DS’ is a herbal product made up of Shilajit that boosts your body’s stamina and makes an appropriate environment for other supplements to work best. The boosted stamina helps you perform whenever required.

    Key Ingredients: Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac – popularly known as musli is the key ingredient of ‘Ever Macho Musli Gold DS’. Its unique formula is made from world’s highest quality extracts from most exotic herbs. Being a natural sex enhancer, it helps you by increasing libido and sexual desire. All the ingredients in our product are natural and safe. The ayurvedic product is known for rendering vitality and strengthening the system.

    Other Key Ingredients:

    Swarn (Gold) bhasma: Its great penetrative power helps in reaching the cells of the body to improve the stamina, inner strength and the power that helps in achieving the energy needed to perform.

    Ashwagandha: It helps in stimulating body for the sexual act. It also relieves mind from any stress and helps to concentrate on the performance. It does not let heat have a harmful effect during the phase of excitement.

    Safed musli: A powerful sexual stimulant that is responsible for making you arouse and you can feel the testosterone flowing in your genitals.

    Kaunch beej (Kaunch seeds): It is an aphrodisiac agent and found its reference in Charak samhita. It is great sexual stimulant that helps in making your body attain the stamina and vigor for the best sexual experience.

    Zinc or Yashad bhasma: Zinc is known to promote spermatogenesis so as to release the right amount and better quality of sperms.

    Rajat (Silver) bhasma: It not only helps in maintaining the cool in the body but also purifies the body and helps in detoxifying it. It helps in regaining the normalcy in the body after the completion of the sexual act.

    Akarkar: It is helpful in sustaining the erection for a longer time. It also helps in increasing the size of the penis.

    Laung (Clove): It is very beneficial for prolonging the ejaculation and also helps in increasing the duration of the sexual intercourse.

    Jaiphal: It helps in intensifying the sexual encounter and helps in a production of good volume of sperm count.

    Kapoor: It penetrates deep into the muscles and helps in increasing the blood circulation that helps in attaining the erection.

    Kesar (Saffron): It is a great tonic for nerves and helps in relieving the tiredness after the completion of the sexual act.

    NOTE: The product has no side effects and consists of 100% Herbal Formula.

    Dosage: 2 capsules daily after meals preferably with milk.

    Additional Information: Sava India Personal Care is a young and dynamic company focusing on health and well being of people. The company is born out of passion to create unique products and solutions for the evolving needs and desires of modern consumers. Their products are formulated using natural ingredients, based upon the ancient concept of Ayurveda with main constituents being herbs, leaves, seeds, mineral oils, metals etc. Their products are free from side effects and all products are thoroughly tested. The company currently offers three brands: 'Daisy Dales', 'Eviction' and 'Ever Macho', all of them known for their effective results. Some of their unique products heal problems like small penis, small breast size, excess hair on face and body and various products that help in maintaining intimate hygiene.

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    MRP: 799

    Expiry Date: 15th December 2020

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Ever Macho Musli Gold Cap