ExxelUSA Omexxel Collagen Plus Omega 3 (Special Formula For Hair, Nail, Skin And Joint Support)(30 Softgel Capsules)

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Product Description
  • Softgel Capsules ExxelUSA Omexxel COLLAGEN Plus Omega 3 offers a combined goodness of various essential nutrients for maintaining and improving physical activity and mental well-being.

    • It contains Collagen acts as a glue for our bones, muscles, skin and tendons to be together.
    • It includes Omega-3 fatty acids help you keep your bones and hair well nourished.
    • Provides a good nutrition to your body.
    • It leaves your skin radiant and glowing.
    • Keeps your skin hydrated.

    ExxelUSA brings in a wide variety of cosmetics and nutritive products with the purpose of providing you the right way to healthier and happier life. Softgel Capsules ExxelUSA Omexxel COLLAGEN Plus Omega 3 gives you the appropriate nutrients needed for an effective metabolism of your body.

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