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  • The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

    Three precious seed oils from around the world come together in this one-of-a-kind skincare beauty. Infused with an exclusive blend of seven exemplary essential oils, this lightweight formula quickly melts into the skin, leaving it visibly soft and radiant.

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  • RAS Luxury Oils Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir

    Beauty isn’t just skin deep and here’s proof. This intricately handcrafted face oil by RAS is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. So, while Lemon and Tea Tree Essential Oils deeply cleanse skin, Pomegranate and Hazelnut Oils hydrate from deep within.

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    Rs. 2350

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  • Aloe Veda Distil Face Massage Oil - Anti-Acne

    Specially formulated for acne-prone skin, this face oil is a healing blend of pure essential oils in a rich carrier oil base. This anti-acne wonder promotes scar reduction, balances both dry and oily patches, penetrates blocked pores, and prevents breakouts. Light and non-greasy.

    Rs. 950
  • Natio Argan & Jojoba Smoothing Face Oil

    A face oil especially created to smoothen skin tone, just what your anti-pigmentation beauty arsenal needs. With powerful antioxidants like Argan and Jojoba, this smoothing oil protects skin from free radical damage and gives it a soft, luminous and healthy glow.

    Rs. 1420
  • Spa Ceylon Luxury Ayurveda White Tuberose Night Repair Face Treatment Oil

    An extra-light, fast-absorbent treatment with 100% pure Tuberose Oil, this bottle deserves a place in your bedtime beauty routine. A balancing blend of Arnica, Lavender, and concentrated Olive extracts, trust this skincare beaut to brighten and illuminate skin.

    Rs. 2499
  • Aromatherapy Associates Mattifying Refining Face Oil

    This refining face oil is a daily conditioning oil to help bring your skin's own oils into balance. The nourishing properties of Lavender come together with balancing Ylang Ylang and soothing Jojoba in this light daily facial oil to leave your skin conditioned.

    Rs. 6200
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  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

    Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil is a multi-purpose perfection facial oil that targets aging skin by reducing lines and wrinkles. A non-greasy, highly-absorbent formula that’s enriched with Argan and Canola Oils, this magic potion is a therapeutic treatment of damaged skin and scars.

    Rs. 594

    Rs. 625

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  • Ayca Face Oil

    An age-delaying light face oil that reduces pigmentation and marks. Enriched with Jojoba and Grapeseed Oils, and Vitamin E, this one penetrates deep into skin within seconds. Stressed about putting oil on an already oily face? Worry not; this one’s formulated for you.

    Rs. 1650
  • Avon Nutra Effects Miracle Glow Oil

    You believe in miracles? Avon Nutra Effects Miracle Glow Oil has landed from heaven. Lighweight and fast-absorbing, 5 active seed oils provide a variety of benefits – imbuing moisture, refining texture and reducing wrinkles. We add a few drops in our foundation for a lit-from-within glow.

    Rs. 799
  • L'Occitane Shea Butter Face Comforting Oil

    This fine-textured and silky face oil with a dry finish helps to nourish and comfort skin. Enriched with the nourishing and antioxidant oils of Shea and Marula Oils, its formula supports the skin's natural ability to regenerate by maintaining its moisture barrier.

    Rs. 2650