Fast&Up Prototal Salmon Protein Hydrolysate (Tube Of 7x2)

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  • Fast & Up ProTotal is the world's first ever Salmon Protein Hydrolysate, consisting of 25 pre-digested natural Amino acids, Bio-available short chain peptides, Essential trace elements and Minerals. Extracted from one of the richest natural sources of protein in the world, The Norwegian Salmon, ProTotal show great effects with its four-way action of - Muscle upgrade, physical upgrade, circulatory upgrade and athletic upgrade. It provides athletes with the amino acids they need to build strong skeletal muscle, repair damaged muscle, regain muscle mass and perform their best. Fast&Up ProTotal provides a significant higher performance with regards to physical strength and endurance.

    • Full spectrum of patented amino acid complex which is easily digested and assimilated by the body
    • Highest bioavailability
    • Helps support body's muscle anabolism and prevents muscle loss
    • Rapid absorption of amino acids for immediate effect
    • Citrus Passion flavour
    • Faster action, better tasting and gentler on the digestive tract

  • Additional Information: About the Brand: Started by the Baratelli family at a lab in the picturesque Switzerland, Fast&Up is a Sports Nutrition brand that gave life to effervescent tablets, that comprise of the right ingredients, unbeatable mix of amino acids and help in energy and recovery. Fast&Up has developed a platform for highly innovative and efficient products that deliver desired results just as quickly to all sports and health enthusiasts!

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