Febreze Cotton Fresh Air Freshener(300ml)

GST Benefit Included
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  • Let the power of Febreze take you to a world of beautifully irresistible scents! Febreze Air Effects air freshener instantly eliminates odors while freshening the air. The fine mist infuses the air with freshness that is subtle, never overpowering! What's the best part The unwanted odours are eliminated thanks to a unique technology that captures smelly molecules and neutralises them rather than just masking them. You can use these air fresheners everywhere, anytime you want to remove odours or refresh the place. Hello freshness!

    • This product is 100% natural propellant.
    • Do not use around birds.
    • Safe to use around cats and dogs.
    • Derived from pure ingredients to give you a fresh and authentic experience.

    Additional Information: Dedicated to fragrance lovers from all over the world, Febreze is a brand that is appreciated for it refreshing line of household eliminators. Manufactured by Procter & Gamble, Febreze is a pure interpterion of healthy living. Globally known to having a large mass of loyal clientele, this line provides a lovely range of air fresheners, plug-in oil, scented disks and odor eliminating candles. Here s to a fresher life!

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