Get Katrina's lustrous Burgundy hair

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  • Created By Kavita


    The perfect shade to contrast with Indian skin tones.

    Stop looking for reasons to colour your hair the way always wanted!

    1. With the help of a colour chart, figure out the level of your natural hair colour(with level 1 being the darkest black and level 10 being the whitest blonde)

    2. Divide your hair into sections as per your convenience

    3. Determine the strength of the developer provided, so it can open up the hair shafts for the colour to sink in.

    4. Mix the Garnier Color Naturals - 4. 26 Deep Burgundy with the developer in your bowl as per the instructions provided on the product and start applying about an inch below your scalp towards your strands stopping about two or three inches before you reach the ends.

    5. Return to your scalp and use gloved fingers to work the color mixture into the hair close to it.

    6. Comb your hair to spread the colour evenly.

    7. Shampoo and condition after 20-25 minutes thoroughly.

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