Gillette Mach 3 Manual Shaving Razor

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  • Achieve the perfect smart and unique shave for your date tonight or to make heads turn at the workplace with only a few strokes! Get a close comfortable shave with Gillette Mach 3 razor which allows for a close comfortable shave even on Day 30! It has 3 Blades with a diamond like coating that stay sharp for a longer time! They are positioned in such a way so as to extend gradually closer; so with every stroke, it takes three. Enjoy its PowerGlide smoothness- Gillette’s 3 Blade Shaving Surface Technology with Anti-Friction razor blades minimize irritation and gently glide across your face with incredible ease to produce flawless hair removal results.

    • Enjoy its pivoting precision- a forward pivoting razor head with an ultra-soft skin guard that comprises 10 thinner and more flexible micro fins on the cartridge that prevent nicks and cuts and enhance skin smoothness with every curve and contour of your face.
    • These micro fins act before the blades, smoothening out the skin and gently lifting off stubborn hairs before the blades cut them off. Keep up your a-game with absolute comfort!
    • The sophisticated technology allows for a close comfortable shave.
    • Consider shaving a high performance activity in overdrive! Know when you are no longer getting an optimal shave when the lubricating indicator strip (that enables a smooth glide on skin) on the razor head gradually fades away to white.
    • The open cartridge design makes for easy insertion and washing.
    • So what are you waiting for shave away!

    MRP: 180

    Expiry Date: 15th February 2020

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Gillette Mach 3 Manual Shaving Razor
11% off