Gillette Venus All In One Pack For Silky Smooth Skin Gift Pack (Rs.145 off)

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  • Venus Gift Pack includes : Venus Razor, Venus Cart 2s and Satin Care Gel (195 g)

    Gillette Venus Razor

    Gillette Venus Razor is the perfect versatile and easy to use razor for women. This Shower safe blade comes with refills which are each sealed separately to ensure that they remain clean and dry, even when stored near moisture. Don’t forget that Venus refill cartridges can be replaced with any Venus refillable system razors!

    • The three blades are engulfed in soft protective cushions that have a wonderful smoothing effect on the skin allowing a safe and close shave.

    • The pivoting rounded head is perfect to target hard to shave areas.

    • What more, know when you are getting the best possible shave simply by keeping track of the indicator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E!

    • The sleek handle is slip-proof with an improved grip, so go ahead and enjoy a nick free shave and the ultimate nourishment for your skin.

    • See every little hair vanish, even bikini hair and experience the incomparable Venus smoothness!

    Gillette Venus Female Razor Blades (Cartridge) 2s pack

    Gillette Venus Cartridge- 2 pack has the speciality of protective cushions around its three blades. Enjoy a smooth, nick-free and perfect shave with the perfect pivoting rounded head and easy access to hard to shave areas; all of it in one stroke.

    • Rest assured, that all the cartridges are interchangeable!

    • This also features a shaving compact, perfect for in shower storage!

    • Obtain clean and dry freshness, even in the shower.

    • The soft-grip handle is the perfect formula for slip-proof control.

    • Forget handling sharp uncomfortable razor blades- just detach this one when you see the faded lubricating indicator strip, indicating no more optimal use.

    • Happy shaving

    Gillette Venus Satin Care Sensitive Shave Gel 195 g

    Aloe & Vitamin E. With Silk. This special Sensitive Skin formula contains soothing Aloe and Vitamin E to help decrease skin irritation.

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