Goodwyn Detox Acai Mango Tea(50gm)

SOLD BY:Silver Leaf Tea Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Rich in anti-oxidants, a cup of this tangy acai fruit and juicy mango herbal infusion can refresh you in a jiffy! This herbal infusion by Goodwyn,is a healthy brew with a sweet inviting aroma, which is further enriched with notes of vitamin rich rosechips, hibiscus, citrus and black currant. Best served hot or iced for a delightful experience.

    Features & Health Benefits:

    • A mild and breezy, light bodied tea with aromatic floral notes

    • Darjeeling tea is a natural antioxidant

    • Black tea is also considered to help in the cases of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, stress, kidney stone and osteoporosis

    Contents: Apple bits, Hibiscus ,Blossoms, Candied mango bits , Candied papaya bits , Rosehip peels, Beetroot bits, Natural flavour, fig bits, Acai bits 50g loose tea leaves | Shelf life: 2 Years

    MRP: 499

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