Goodwyn Pure & Premium Green Tea 100 Tea Bags(100 Tea Bags)

SOLD BY:Silver Leaf Tea Pvt. Ltd.
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  • There's something about the pleasure in steeping whole leaves of the healthiest Single origin tea online in warm water. Buy green tea to enjoy the wholesome goodness of each leaf that you take in with every sip of your tea. Green Tea has all the benefits of a weight-tea and detox tea.Goodwyn brings the best single origin green tea to your table for you to extract all the goodwill of a healthy day, from a simple cup.

    Features & Health Benefits:

    • Supreme Quality Green Tea which is handpicked and grown at our own high-elevation tea estates

    • Packed in hygienic conditions to retain the high level of antioxidants which are abundant in Green Tea and which are beneficial for health

    • Globally accepted as being beneficial in cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, lowering cholesterol, weight loss, clear skin and a lot more

    Contents: 100 Tea Bags of Pure Green Tea |Caffeine: Low| Enjoy with Lemon, Honey or plain | Shelf Life: 2 Years

    MRP: 600

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Goodwyn Pure & Premium Green Tea 100 Tea Bags