GUBB USA Sco Oval Cushion Brush (Small)

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  • Exclusive Scottish pattern to make your everyday grooming tools stylish, the GUBB SCO oval cushion brush (small) is best for partition, styling or for applying henna and color.

    • This attractive mini brush is the perfect solution to detangle your hair on the go.
    • Its soft bristles are ideal for scalp surface and its smartly designed handle offers you a perfect grip while combing your hair.
    • Pop this smart brush in your bag and treat your hair with love and care.
    • The brush's flexible, ball-tipped bristles detangle your hair and maintain your hair's glossy appearance.
    • The oval cushioned design can be specifically utilized to style your hair into a variety of stunning ways.
    • The brush has a comfortable, easy to hold handle for precision grooming.

    Additional Information:

    GUBB USA, the international grooming range from "U", is a renowned name in the field of personal skin care items and brings quality products at affordable rates. Try GUBB oval cushion brush (small) today!

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