HealthAid Diaglucoforte(60 Tablets)

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    Diaglucoforte HealthAid contains vitamins, minerals and plants to help provide balance and support healthy levels of blood sugar. Some people are unable to process glucose efficiently and then this causes your blood sugar to rise or fall. HealthAid Diaglucoforte contains vitamins, minerals and herbs to help provide balance and support to have healthy blood sugar levels.

    What Are Diaglucoforte Tablets For?

    The ingredients of the tablets Diaglucoforte can help balance sugar in the following ways:

    • Folic acid can help improve the breakdown of lipids in fat cells by lowering homocysteine levels in the body.
    • Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the metabolism and utilization of sugar by the body.
    • Niacin can help delay the onset of insulin dependence.
    • Vitamin D3 plays a role in insulin secretion under conditions of increased insulin demand.
    • The alpha lipoic acid and both purple rice extract can help reduce blood sugar levels.
    • Alpha lipoic acid with its powerful antioxidant properties.helps destroy free radicals in the body and helps reduce nerve damage caused by diabetes.
    • Chromium and bitter melon extract can improve and balance sugar levels. Chromium also helps reduce sugar cravings, and works especially well in combination with biotin.
    • Manganese and zinc plays a crucial role in the metabolism glucose.
    • Fenugreek helps lower glucose and cholesterol levels.
    • Gymnema Sylvestre helps healthy blood sugar and is believed to have lipid lowering effects Who could take.

    Who Needs To Use Diaglucoforte Tablets?

    • Diabetics or those with high or low blood sugar.
    • People who consume high amounts of sugar in your diet.
    • People with high cholesterol levels.
    • Those who wish to maintain a healthy heart and improve the general welfare.

    This product contains no yeast, wheat, soy, and dairy products.

    Gluten free.

    No salt or sugar.

    Free of dyes, preservatives and artificial flavorings.

    Suitable for vegetarians.

    MRP: 1990

    Expiry Date: 15th November 2018

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HealthAid Diaglucoforte