HealthAid Livercare - Prolonged Release(60 Tablets)

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  • Keep your liver healthy with Health Aid Livercare capsules. They are made using detoxifying herbs.

    These are specially formulated tablets using the detoxifying herbs such as thistle, milk, turmeric, artichoke and dandelion. Lipotropic factors are included to help maintain the liver health and general wellbeing and those factors are Methionine, Choline and Inositol. This is an original cleansing supplement suitable for both men and women.

    They are also beneficial for people who have a lot of alcohol and have junk food in their diet regularly and don’t have a balanced and normal diet. They are also good for people who feel discomfort and sluggish after many days of alcohol abuse or excessive smoking. Since liver is the second largest part of body and plays key role in process of the nutrients for food digestion, these capsules will be of great help to cure acute liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

    These capsules will also help to strengthen the liver and reproduce liver cells and replace the older and damaged ones, they also increase the flow of digestive aids and improve digestion. They also work to protect the urinary tract by increasing the flow of bile and reduce the accumulation of liver fat and help eliminating toxins. This supplement will show best results if you consume if after a period of heavy drinking, it will help to cleanse your body and nourish your liver.

    Special Features:

    • Maintains liver health.
    • Detoxifies and cleanses the liver.
    • Enhances appetite and improves digestion.
    • Protects the liver from toxins, alcohol and viruses.

    MRP: 1430

    Expiry Date: 15th December 2019

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HealthAid Livercare - Prolonged Release