HealthVit Essential Amino Acid Powder (Fruit Punch Flavour)(500gm)

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  • HealthVit Essential Amino Acid Pre/Post Workout Powder is your ultimate fitness partner. This powder is a unique combination of amino acid and caffeine. The Amino Acid in it plays an important role in several important pathways, including the synthesis of proteins, the production of creatine phosphate, needed to produce ATP, and the synthesis of nitric oxide. It is considered as most important supplement for muscle growth and repair. It contains more than 10 essential Amino Acids. For energy it contains Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee extract. This designed formulation, available in delicious Fruit Punch flavour is highly recommended for energy generation in the body, which helps you to get your desired results during workout.

    • Popular amino acid known for its amazing nitrogen retention ability.
    • Beneficial for muscle protein synthesis, improved energy and focus .
    • Supports athletic endurance and helps boost nitric oxide production.
    • Helps supply energy to all of the cells of the body.
    • Contains more than 10 essential Amino Acids.
    • Enriched with the goodness of Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee extracts.
    • Facilitates dilation in blood vessels to maintain active lifestyle.
    • Promotes blood flow and circulation, maintain a healthy circulatory system.
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