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  • L-Alanine (C3 H7 NO2) is a crystalline, free-form non-essential amino acid. The liver can convert L-alanine into glucose which can be used as an energy source for muscle; when glycogen stores are low, it can convert the glucose into glycogen. Glycogen is a storage form of glucose. HealthVit Fitness L-Alanine Powder is an excellent addition to your pre-workout energy drink and because it serves as muscular fuel for increasing power, strength and endurance for body builders and performance athletes.


    • Improves training intensity
    • Promote muscular endurance
    • Improve workout performance

    Additional Information: HealthVit is a Herbo-Nutra (Herbal & Nutraceuticals) segment of Ahmedabad based MNC West-Coast Pharmaceuticals delivering a wide range of quality healthcare products since last 46 years such as Dietary and Nutritional supplements, Medicinal Products and various Skincare Products helping you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Their motto is very simple: purest ingredients, stringent processes and high quality guaranteed!

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