HealthVit Fitness Mass Gainer Xtra Chocolate Flavour(5Kg)

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  • HealthVit fitness Mass Gainer Xtra, you get the goodness of both Whey and Casein protein that takes muscle building to a whole new level. Fast-digesting whey protein is a milk based protein which is rich in amino acids that gets easily absorbed into your muscles, giving them adequate fuel for muscles recovery. On the other hand, casein which is also milk based protein that absorbs slowly, helping in formation of new muscle tissues. It is a complete protein and contains all the essential amino acids as whey. Whey with fast releasing amino acids and casein with slow releasing amino acids, together help you achieve lean muscle build-up and toned muscle definition.


    • Balanced blend of carbs, proteins for optimum growth
    • Blended with quality whey and casein protein for continuous release of amino acids
    • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for added energy

    Additional Information: HealthVit is a Herbo-Nutra (Herbal & Nutraceuticals) segment of Ahmedabad based MNC West-Coast Pharmaceuticals delivering a wide range of quality healthcare products since last 46 years such as Dietary and Nutritional supplements, Medicinal Products and various Skincare Products helping you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Their motto is very simple: purest ingredients, stringent processes and high quality guaranteed!

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HealthVit Fitness Mass Gainer Xtra Chocolate Flavour
30% off