HealthVit Manjishtha 250Mg 60 Capsules(60Capsules)

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  • Healthvit Manjishtha is made of Rubia cordifolia that is a perennial prickly creeper or climber with a wide range of morphological characters. The roots of it contain a mixture of purpurin (trihydroxy anthraquinone) and munjistin (xanthopurpurin-2-carboxylic acid), and small amounts of xanthopurpurin or purpuroxanthin and pseudopurpurin (purpurin-3-carboxylic acid). It is beneficial for gastrointestinal ailments like loss of appetite, dyspepsia, worm infestations and helps treat rheumatism, melasma, age spots, pimple and itching.

    • Beneficial for gastrointestinal ailments like loss of appetite, dyspepsia and worm infestations.
    • Effective blood detoxifier.
    • Helps to manage skin disorders like skin hyperpigmentation, eczema, acne, scabies and skin allergies.
    • Reduces inflammation and has analgesic properties to treat joint inflammation.
    • Contains diuretic and antibacterial properties to heal recurrent urinary tract infections.
    • Beneficial for osteoporosis, weak and fragile bones.
    • Treats rheumatism, melasma, age spots and itching.

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HealthVit Manjishtha 250Mg 60 Capsules
30% off