HealthViva 100% Natural Protein - Unaflavoured(400gm)

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  • HealthViva Protein is an effective & unique blend of soy and milk proteins from natural and vegetarian sources, HealthViva 100% Protein provides 9 essential amino acids for strong muscles, bones, shining skin and hair.

    Product Features :

    • Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, bones, hormones, skin cells and tissues. It is responsible for regeneration of new cells.

    • Protein improves strength, supports muscle growth and maintenance.

    • Proteins strengthen immunity by providing enough nutrients to repair and nourish antibodies.

    • Protein is your workout partner. Protein after an exercise session is critical for muscle growth and repair and it also makes your bones grow stronger and provides steady energy for workouts.

    • protein reduces hunger and keeps you full and satisfied for a longer period. A high quality protein with essential amino acids keeps metabolism active and helps to reduce belly fat.

    Shelf Life : 18 Months.

    Goal/Purpose : Well Being.

    MRP: 1199

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