HealthViva All Plant & Milk Protein Chocolate

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Product Description
  • HealthViva 100% Natural Protein provides nine essential amino acids for the synthesis of antibodies, interferon that form key components of a strong and healthy immunity. This may help improve your immunity.

    • 100% Natural Protein, from Plant & Milk Sources, a unique blend of Soy, Whey & Casein proteins
    • 15g high quality and easily digestible protein per 30g serving
    • 27 essential Vitamins & Minerals
    • Improves immunity & energy
    • Critical for muscle growth and repair

    Additional Information: HealthViva was launched in October 2013 and today is the fastest growing health and wellness brand. It manufactures premium nutrition supplements that are designed to perfectly fit in the modern lifestyle of men, women of all age groups. The wide range of HealthViva supplements include Functional Beverages, Protein & Lifestyle Drinks, Vitamins and Minerals and Herbal Supplements. It acts as the perfect health partner that tries to bridge the dietary gaps to offset lifestyle diseases and improve well-being, energy, immunity and health in men and women.

    MRP: 1500

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