HealthViva Hair With Biotin 90 Capsules Unflavoured(90Caps)

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  • HealthViva Hair is a scientifically designed formulation to strengthen hair roots, encourage new hair growth and prevent hair fall. HealthViva Hair capsules are fortified with Biotin, essential vitamins, minerals and necessary amino acids. Biotin, a B-complex vitamin contains sulphur. It is helpful in improving the structure of keratin, the basic protein that makes up hair. A biotin deficiency may cause hair breakage and loss. B-complex vitamins, minerals and amino acids in HealthViva Hair capsules encourage growth of new hair and boost hair growth. This helps build strong, thick and lustrous hair. Regular use of HealthViva Hair boosts supply of oxygen to hair follicles. It greatly benefits strength and hair texture and stimulates growth of new hair.

    • Improves hair growth.
    • Strengthens hair roots.
    • Gives strong & shiny hair.
    • Develops new hair follicles.

    Additional Information: HealthViva was launched in October 2013 and today is the fastest growing health and wellness brand. It manufactures premium nutrition supplements that are designed to perfectly fit in the modern lifestyle of men, women of all agr groups. The wide range of HealthViva supplements include Functional Beverages, Protein & Lifestyle Drinks, Vitamins and Minerals and Herbal Supplements. It acts as the perfect health partner that tries to bridge the dietary gaps to offset lifestyle diseases and improve well-being, energy, immunity and health in men and women.

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