Herbal Roots Anti-ageing Kit with Rose Scrub, Cucumber Face Pack/mask, Premium Rose Water(Set of 3)

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Product Description
  • Key Features of Herbal Roots Anti-ageing kit with Rose Scrub, Cucumber Face Pack/mask, Premium Rose Water:

    • Good combo for anti ageing skin care treatment.
    • Anti ageing face pack, scrub and pure rose water
    • The combination is very effective for ageing skin
    • Reduces dullness and brightens the face.
    • 100 % Herbal & Natural
    • Perfect combo for clear and glowing skin.

    This pack contains the following 3 products:

    Anti Ageing Rose Face Scrub

    • Herbal Roots Skin Care Rose Face and Body Scrub has anti ageing effects and helps you to look young. It also clean your skin and makes your skin glowing.
    • It gently exfoliates for a radiant complexion.
    • It is a delicate cleanser that softens the skin while gently removing dead skin cells and hence helps in acne removal.
    • Rose's anti ageing properties offer you a refreshed, glowing and younger looking skin.
    • It has a pleasant fragrance that stays on your skin for long.
    • It is formulated to retain the moisture content of the skin thus providing essential nourishment to enhance the radiance of the skin.
    • The natural herbs and emollients make this multi-functional scrub, a must in your skin care regimen for pimple care.

    Anti Ageing Cucumber Face Pack

    • Herbal Roots Skin Care Cucumber Face Pack and face mask is for anti ageing skin treatment.
    • It helps in revitalizing the skin by reducing oiliness, improving complexion and tightening the pores.
    • With its cooling, soothing and hydrating properties it is a great face pack to get rid of the sun tan.
    • Regular use of cucumber face mask will help to restore the skin's natural balance of moisture, which makes your skin look less oily and shiny.
    • It has skin-lightening properties that help fade blemishes and acne scars.

    Pure Rose Water

    • Herbal Roots Skin Care Premium Rose Water Toner is a 100% Herbal beauty product that removes traces of makeup and impurities in no time.
    • Featuring natural ingredients, this skin toner leaves your skin looking matte and ready to moisturize.
    • Rose water is a natural astringent. It balances and restores skin's PH level and helps tighten pores.
    • It helps remove oil and dirt from skin pores, thereby giving you a refreshed look.
    • Further, crafted from natural ingredients, this skin toner is suitable for all skin types and does not cause any sort of irritation.
    • It can alternatively be used as an aftershave lotion too which will help soothe the skin.
    • Highly effective, this skin toner is a must have in your cosmetic collection.

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Herbal Roots Anti-ageing Kit with Rose Scrub, Cucumber Face Pack/mask, Premium Rose Water
25% off