HealthVit Aroma Rosemary Extract Essential Oil(30ml)

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    • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) has a fresh, herbaceous, sweet, slightly medicinal aroma.
    • An energizing oil, it is beneficial for helping to restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue & stiff muscles. Helps with a variety of congested respiratory tract problems, stiff muscles, cold.
    • It is also used for improving hair and scalp health.
    • Rosemary oil has a reputation for stimulating hair growth,preventing hair loss.
    • Massaging this oil on the scalp helps stimulate blood circulation.
    • The improved blood flow increases the supply of the nutrients to the scalp, thereby nourishing the hair follicles.
    • Massaging the scalp with this oil may lower the risk of premature baldness.
    • This oil doesn't clog the pores in the scalp.
    • Hair tonic that strengthens hair,adds shine & may lower risk of premature baldness.
    • It Helps improves skin texture, confidence, perception & creativity.
    • Also helps in exhaustion & lethargy.
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