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  • Do you experience your hair becoming greasy, sweaty and itchy because it remains covered for long. Oil, sweat and excess sebum damage scalp, leading to dandruff and hair fall. Introducing Iba Covered Hair range of shampoo and hair oil. Enriched with Kalonji (Black Seeds), Amla, Aloe and Neem, Iba Covered Hai range of products effectively control excess sebum, prevent dandruff and reduce hair fall. Hair become strong, smooth and stay lively fresh for long! Kalonji (Black Seed) extract Known as the seed of blessing and trusted since ancient times for its healing properties, Kalonji extract nourishes the scalp and prevents hair fall. Amla extract. Loaded with Vitamin C, it strengthens hair and adds shine and luster. Neem extract its anti-bacterial properties relieve itchy scalp and prevent dandruff. Aloe extract soothes and calms the scalp. Powerful yet lightweight, Iba Hair Fall Therapy Oil nourishes the scalp by penetrating quickly and delivering the goodness of natural extracts known to be most beneficial for hair growth. Iba Covered Hair Conditioning Shampoo is Sulfate & Paraben-Free making it gentle for daily use; it prevents hair fall & dandruff while effectively removing dirt, oil and excess sebum. Safe for henna or color-treated hair.

    Additional Information:Iba is India's first halal certified & vegan cosmetics brand. The concept of halal & vegan cosmetics is rooted in science to ensure products are safe, pure, effective and free of alcohol, animal derived ingredients and harsh chemicals. Iba offers a wide range of personal care products & cosmetics including skin care, hair care, makeup and fragrances.

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