Omved Sukhata Joint / Muscle Pain Relief Oil(125ml)

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  • The synergy of the botanicals in the Sukhata Thailam joint/muscle pain relief liniment brings about a complete restoration of the body and mind as prescribed in Rasayana, the eighth branch of Ayurveda, which focuses on the art of rejuvenation. This unique oil, redolent with the fragrance of camphor,

    • relieves aches, cramps, sores and stiffness
    • nourishes and heals damaged/torn tissues
    • beneficial in arthritis and ligament injuries.

    Ajwain clears the mind and brings about clarity, focus and concentration; Camphor rejuvenates all tissues and offers fast and long-lasting relief from pain; Shatavari helps in improvement in flexibility and mobility of the joints; Ashwagandha calms anxiety while toning the body and Neem is highly effective in easing various musculoskeletal problems and inflamed joints. The Sukhata oil primarily removes blockages and restores circulation. Due to its muscle- and nerve-nourishing properties, it is wonderful for paralysis, muscle atrophy, facial palsy and spondylosis. Additionally, it also serves as an excellent oil for athletes as it improves flexibility and eases sport injuries and strain.

    Key Features :

    • Unlike modern conventional massage oils and serums that treat only the superficial outer layer of the skin, Omved's proprietary, classical Ayurvedic formulas not only penetrate the first layer of the skin but also reach the underlying layers and deliver valuable nutrients.
    • Our Ayurvedic oils are authentic, powerful blends, made strictly according to classical Ayurvedic texts and without compromise from organic, premium quality, wholesome herbs, not herbal extracts (cheaper and shorter manufacturing time). The base oils and herbs are simmered in large copper cauldrons repeatedly for several days (in some cases as many as 101 times).
    • There are no artificial additives, colours or chemicals used in the production of these oils. Not perfumed. Body massage (abhyanga) is an important part of the Ayurvedic daily routine. It supports detoxification and provides nourishment to the deeper tissues, leaving you feeling healthy, young, vital and beautiful.
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Omved Sukhata Joint / Muscle Pain Relief Oil