Soulflower Dreamcatcher Essential Oil(15ml)

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  • Dreamcatcher is a special essential oil synergy blend created specifically to help get a good nights sleep. If you are unable to fall asleep, or find yourself waking up several times during the night, Dreamcatcher can help. Sleeplessness or lack of sufficient sleep can be frustrating and debilitating, making it difficult to be productive, and can cause emotional problems. Many factors can affect your ability to get a good nights sleep. This essential oil blend was created to address sleeplessness and calms the mind to allow for restful sleep. A quick-fix remedy would be to pop a couple of sleeping tablets, yet these habit forming drugs may cause more problems than simply curing your sleeplessness.The cause of insomnia must also be found and dealt with - be that pain, fatigue, worry, excess stress, diet - either eating too much or too little, using too many stimulants like coffee, etc. A warm relaxing bath before bedtime can also help to induce sleeping, and here essential oils can be used very effectively to help combat insomnia.

    • Promotes peaceful sleep.
    • Reduces snoring.
    • Reduces restlessness and insomnia.
    • Open mindn.
    • Protect from negative dreams.
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Soulflower Dreamcatcher Essential Oil