Incredio Refresh Tea - Honey and Lemon

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  • The simple science behind weight loss is to control calorie consumption and improve calorie burning. Incredio Refresh tea is a low calorie drink that is a healthier alternative to tea, coffee, aerated/ sweetened or energy beverages. Enriched with green tea, green coffee beans, and guarana extracts, Incredio Refresh Tea increases body's metabolism and natural fat burning ability. Its delicious honey lemon flavour refreshes and revitalizes you instantly. Served both hot and chilled, Incredio Refresh Tea is an ideal drink to stay energetic and lose or maintain weight in a healthy way. Incredio Refresh Tea is scientifically developed after months of research by Nutrition experts. The product is extensively tested for safety and quality, and is manufactured in a FSSAI and ISO certified facility. Nutrition Experts recommend Incredio Refresh tea as an ideal solution for healthy weight loss.

    • Enriched with natural ingredients to boost metabolism - Green tea, green coffee bean and guarana seed extracts Refreshes and revitalizes instantly
    • Increases body's natural fat burning ability and boosts overall well being
    • To achieve healthy weight, follow Incredio 123 plan - Replace 1 meal with Incredio Shake-A-Meal, Drink 2 cups of Incredio Refresh Tea, Walk 3 times for 10 minutes each

    Additional Information: Launched in June 2015, Incredio is committed to helping men and women find effective weight management solutions. Formulated after months of scientific research by nutrition experts and food scientists, Incredio successfully responds to weight management challenges and enables men and women to lose weight in a natural way. Incredio is widely recommended by nutrition experts to achieve and sustain success in weight management. It easily integrates with a healthy lifestyle and enables anyone to attain and retain the healthy weight by restricting the calorie intake and improving its expenditure.

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