INLIFE Licorice Extract (Yastimadhu) 20% Glycyrrhizia Acid 500mg Capsules Pack Of 3(60Capsules each)

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  • Inlife Licorice Capsules contains 500 mg of licorice root extract in each capsules and is infused with 20% glycyrrhizic acid. It is the chief sweet tasting ingredient present in Glycyrrhiza glabra. These capsules promote healthy gastric and duodenal tissue and is commonly used to help soothe the digestive tract. It supports normal bowel function and maintains normal GI tract functions. Licorice can help relieve the pain associated with acid reflux and heartburn. Aids in healthy adrenal function, promotes endurance and vitality and has powerful properties too. Good for soothing irritations such as sore throats and upset tummies and relieving congestion. Pure licorice root is also a herbal medicine which is useful for several conditions in the body and it also supports healthy immune function.


    • Each capsule contains 500 mg of pure Licorice / Yastimadhu / Glycyrrhiza Glabra extract standardized to 20% Glycyrrhizuinic acid
    • Supports healthy digestive function
    • Calms upset tummies and helps in relieving congestion
    • Aids in hormonal balance and helps in weight loss regime
    • Helps prevent PMS symptoms
    • 100% vegetarian without any fillers, binder or common allergens

    MRP: 1497

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INLIFE Licorice Extract (Yastimadhu) 20% Glycyrrhizia Acid 500mg Capsules Pack Of 3