Jolen Royal Gold Facial Kit - Pouch(200gm) (Save Rs.200)(200gm)

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  • This pack contains 4 Gold Facial Kits, Each kit contains the following :-

    Jolen Gold Exfoliating Cleanser : 2 in 1 cleanser with peeling benefits. The cleansing agents removes deep sitted dirt , oil and exfoliating agents peel the dead cell with mild exfoliating action which promotes high penetration of herbal extract to have younger radiant skin.

    Jolen Gold Gel Activator: This unique formulation contains 24 k pure gold leaves which encourage cell turnover and maintains the skin's elasticity, loads with benefits of vitamin c, red algae which synergistically works against stressed skin.

    Jolen Gold Massage Cream : Nourishing cream improves blood circulation , provide essential elements to increase cell turnover , moisture content to replenishes and restore radiance to have long lasting metallic look to skin and rejuvenating youthful experience.

    Jolen Gold Masque : Skin brightening Masque contains natural extracts with skin brightening properties, reserve the oxidation damage to have gold like radiant and ageless look.

    Jolen Gold Serum : It works with the benefits of total hydration, nourishment, instant glow with anti wrinkle property, use it as daily care product for total benefits, gives glowing smooth and younger looking skin.

    Package Content:

    • Jolen Gold Exfoliating Cleanser - 10gm x 4pc
    • Jolen Gold Gel Activator - 10gm x 4pc
    • Jolen Gold Massage Cream 10gm x 4pc
    • Jolen Gold Masque 15gm x 4pc
    • Jolen Gold Serum 5gm x 4pc
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Jolen Royal Gold Facial Kit - Pouch(200gm) (Save Rs.200)