Kronokare Carribbean Ginger - Trial Kit

Product Description
  • Caribbean Ginger is Kronokare's detoxifying range. Formulated with Ginger, Lemon and enriched with pure seed oils, this Ginger range smoothens the scalp and help to reduce oil secretion. Recommended for dull or oily skin, irritated scalp and oily hair.

    This kit contains :

    Fabulous Fix! - Body Lotion - 55 ml

    City lifestyle and aversive factors lead to the dullness of skin, premature ageing and tired appearance. This blend is enriched with plant extracts and pure Ginger oil that promotes the skin fluid circulation and toxin removal. Nourished and glowing skin is back. You have been fabulously fixed! Smile!

    Revive And Thrive - Shower Gel - 55 ml

    Oily skin or dull skin both requires efficient and gentle cleansing. The fluid circulation needs to be stimulated while the sebaceous glands need to be smoothed. This sulphate free body wash delivers sebum regulating Ginger extract and moisturizing glycerin to the skin. The freshness and glow is back on your skin, you are ready to revive and thrive!

    Sure To Be Pure - Shampoo - 55 ml

    Repetitive cleansing with aggressive shampoo on a sensitive scalp increases sebum secretion and leads to oily roots. This gentle Ginger shampoo cleanses the hair while not aggressing the scalp. Its lather delivers to the skin some smoothing passion fruit extracts. The Ginger and the Lemon extracts combat oil secretion, leaving you sure to be pure.

    Detox The Locks! - Hair Conditioner - 55 ml

    Traditional conditioners contain harsh conditioning agents that might engrave irritated scalp condition. This conditioner is Silicone and Mineral oil free, it untangles the hair instantly while bringing a load of botanical extracts that heal the scalp and help reducing future oil secretion. You just got your locks detoxed! Enjoy!

    Detox On The Rocks! - Glycerine Soap - 50 gm

    A damaged skin requires to be cleansed and purified but must avoid all time aggressive experiences. Kronokare Lavender soap ensures a soft and gentle cleansing to irritated skin and nourish it at the same time with some purifying lavender extracts and nourishing Vitamin E. All this was possible; you just needed to raise the bar!

    Fiercely Foaming Loofah

    Wet the loofah with a warm splash of water, then douse with a handful of gel or soap. Working your way down from the neck to feet, give yourself a special massage treat! Then , rinse your body and the loofah... relax and feel your new, soft skin, a-ha!

    Note: All Kronokare cosmetics are sulphate free, paraben free, silicone free and mineral oil free.

    Additional Information: Introducing truly affordable, happily packaged SLS and paraben-free products, which allow you to do good both to your skin and the environment. Enriched with best quality of natural active ingredients, Kronokare offers you skin, hair and body care products that are formulated with rich blend of essential oils, botanical extracts, and precious seed oils.

    MRP: 1280

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Kronokare Carribbean Ginger - Trial Kit