Lovi 360 Degree Cup Mini Blue(210ml)

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  • The Most Natural Open Baby Feeding Cup !!!

    LOVI 360 cup helps your baby to make transition to glass like drinking in just one step! The BPA free 360 cup has no spout, so the child can drink from anywhere around the cup. The soft, patented valve, made of silicone, has silver granules embedded to kill 99% bacteria (E.Coli and MRSA) within 24 hrs. of use. The 360 cup teaches your baby glass like drinking in just one step, without spills and bacteria. The LOVI 360 cup is rubber coated to prevent edges from cutting. It has wide mouth and only 3 components making it easy to clean. The 360 cup provides maximum protection to your baby with minimum maintenance. Independently tested.


    • BPA free LOVI 360 cup, trains baby for glass drinking with maximum hygiene and minimum maintenance.
    • Innovative, patented sealing system lets kids drink from anywhere around the cup.
    • Antibacterial protection of silver granules in the valve, which kills 99% bacteria within 24 hrs. of use.
    • Just 3 components, easy to clean and maintain.
    • Comes with a hygiene friendly cover.
    • Rounded body covered with rubber so there no hard edges to cut the baby.
    • Profiled, easy grip handles.
    • Enlarged, stable base with extra rubber for rounded edges.
    • Wide base provides stability so the cup does not easily tumble over.
    • Comes in three bright colors.


    • Independent Drinking: No Spout, No Spills, No Bacteria.
    • Hygiene: Antibacterial Protection to kill bacteria within 24 hrs.
    • Easy to Clean: Only 3 parts, valve can be easily taken out.
    • Natural Function: Glass like drinking in just one step.
    • Profiled Handles and cap: Removable once child is older.
    • LOVI 360 Cup is BPA Free.
    • Country of Manufacture: Poland.
    • Material: Polypropylene Body, silicone valve.

    Additional Information: Lovi products are especially designed keeping in mind that the products are an extension of the mother. The dynamic Lovi bottle and teat are designed so a baby can actively suckle in the same way as it does on a mother's breast. These products are a result of outstanding doctor's research in the field of neonatology and pediatrics over years. Exceptional importance is given to safety and mother's feedback while designing new products. Every product has features which are necessary for active parenting. The products are tested rigorously for microwave, dishwasher, physical strength and quality standards. Each product has been carefully labeled with required guidelines for precautions and safety. At Lovi, the safety of your child is of paramount importance to us.


    1x 210 ml cup, 1xcollar with valve, 1xcup cover, 1easy grip handle.

    MRP: 659

    Expiry Date: 15th August 2019

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Lovi 360 Degree Cup Mini Blue